The best courses by Israeli experts

We have brought you online courses that will allow you to be exposed to the most advanced study materials on a wide selection of relevant topics at the click of a button.

Hebrew studies


In the course you will learn the Hebrew language thoroughly and allow you to conduct yourself fully in Hebrew, including conversation, reading and writing. Its graduates will be able to integrate into work that requires an understanding of Hebrew.


In this course you will learn in depth the basics of the Hebrew language and you will be able to understand Hebrew at a good level. At the end of the course you will be able to communicate comfortably in the Hebrew language.


The course allows its graduates to have basic communication in Hebrew. The study method emphasizes the verbal part, which will allow you to have a light conversation with Hebrew speakers.

Computing and cyber

Digital marketing

One of the most sought after professions today. The course allows its graduates to engage in this independently or to integrate in the advertising agencies and digital departments of commercial companies

Security and cyber

A comprehensive course that teaches skills in information security and cyber; Attack and defense programming, intrusion testing, and more. The course combines exercises which are performed from your personal computer.

Web Development

The course makes it possible to integrate into the world of website building in Internet companies or to become independent and set up websites for companies and individuals. No in-depth technical knowledge is required prior.

Social media marketing

Advertising on Google

The course teaches how to advertise on the most powerful media and advertising network in the today – Google. Including the search network, YouTube and the Google Display Network.

Facebook advertising

The course includes building a work plan and advertising budget, setting up, managing and optimizing professional advertising campaigns in the most powerful social network today.

SEO -Google

A comprehensive SEO course gives its graduates tools for promoting businesses and websites in the digital world, and allows access to one of the most required professions today.

e-Commerce course

YouTube course

In this course you will learn the wonderful world of advertising and production for YouTube – the world’s leading video channel and you will be able to engage in the field professionally.

Amazon course

In the course you will learn how to set up a private label business on Amazon, manage and promote your personal store on the most powerful and leading trading platform in the world.

Electronic store

The course teaches in a professional and thorough way how to plan, set up, manage and improve a virtual store, whether for you or for your customers.