Our divisions


Initiating and executing projects

Specializing in the execution of projects by leading Israeli companies around the world. Includes the option of locating projects according to your requirements among the thousands of projects in Israel.


Courses and tutorials from Israel

We bring you the best courses and study content directly from Israel. Includes the leading Hebrew studies course in Israel. Learning is easily made possible through the computer.


Scientists from Israel

Come meet, consult and work with leading scientists from Israel. At the click of a button you can chat, correspond, listen or get professional advice from the best scientists available.

Why you should work with us

Our knowledge is your advantage

The Carmel project is intended to make science in Israel accessible to residents of the United Arab Emirates. Thanks to our deep connection with hundreds of leading scientists in Israel, and with some of the most important scientific organizations and scientific associations in Israel, we can enable residents of the United Arab Emirates, including Dubai Bahrain and other countries to be exposed to the fascinating scientific world in Israel.
Check now how you too can talk to Israeli scientists – with a simple push of a button!

We bring you Israeli science

Our connection to science in Israel allows you quick access to leading scientists

Turning words into deeds

The Carmel Project seeks to turn ideas into reality and connect the two peoples of Israel and the United Arab Emirates

Hebrew studies - in Dubai

New in the UAE – Hebrew studies will allow you to communicate with Israelis in their language!

Israeli innovation

Connect to innovative Israeli projects – at the forefront of science and technology

Knowledge is power

We have compiled for you important information that will allow you to be in scientific, business and technological contact with Israel

Business between the United Arab Emirates and Israel

Business between the UAE and Israel is now more possible and feasible than ever.

This is thanks to the peace agreement called the Abrahamic Agreement is an agreement for full normalization between the United Arab Emirates and the State of Israel mediated by the United States, presented to the public on August 13, 2020. The agreement is named after the biblical Abraham, the link between the Abrahamic religions.