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    Questions and answers on the subject: Israel and the United Arab Emirates

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    What is the Abrahamic agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates?

    Abraham Accords Peace Agreement: Treaty of Peace, Diplomatic Relations and Full Normalization Between the United Arab Emirates and the State of Israel.

    The Government of the United Arab Emirates and the Government of the State of Israel (hereinafter, the “Parties”)

    Aspiring to realize the vision of a Middle East region that is stable, peaceful and prosperous, for the benefit of all States and peoples in the region;

    Desiring to establish peace, diplomatic and friendly relations, co-operation and full normalization of ties between them and their peoples, in accordance with this Treaty, and to chart together a new path to unlock the vast potential of their countries and of the region;

    Reaffirming the “Joint Statement of the United States, the State of Israel, and the United Arab Emirates” (the “Abraham Accords”), dated 13 August 2020


    Is it important to know Hebrew in order to do business with Israel

    The official spoken language in Israel is indeed the Hebrew language. But almost all Israelis also speak English and certainly businessmen and academics. Therefore, it is certainly possible to maintain a good relationship with the Israelis with the help of the English language

    How to learn Hebrew in Dubai

    Following the peace agreements between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, various initiatives and different ways of studying Hebrew are beginning to emerge in Dubai.

    We suggest you check out our Hebrew study courses at the various levels. The courses can be found here

    How do you know which Israeli companies to invest in?

    Israel’s economy is growing rapidly, with many start-up companies in various fields. You can find many investment opportunities in Israel in a variety of fields, including:

    Hi-tech, science, medicine, security, biology, green energy and more and more. We will present some of these projects to you on our projects page.

    Do Israeli scientists want contact with scientists in the UAE?

    Israelis in general really want a warm and close relationship with the residents of the United Arab Emirates. Of course the tradesmen and academics want collaborations that will contribute to both sides. This project is designed to help both sides bridge the gaps and bring together scientists, trade and academia in the two countries.

    How to contact Israeli businessmen

    As the cooperation between Israel and the United Arab Emirates expands, more personal ties will be established between the parties on both sides. As far as Israelis are concerned, they are very open and unobtrusive, so you can definitely contact them by any means available to you, including: Facebook, LinkedIn, this site, government sites and much more. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can in making these connections.

    Are there Israeli courses that can be seen online?

    Israeli educators publish many courses on the Internet in a variety of fields. Including cyber, internet, marketing and commerce, economics, psychology and more.

    We have collected some of these courses, and especially the leading ones, for you here on the site.

    Important links in the field of business in Israel

    These are some important links (in Arabic and English), for those of you who plan to do business in Israel:

    Innovation Authority
    Encouraging capital investments and employment assistance